I Can See Clearly Now – Essential Communications Skills for All Managers?

All of the work we do relies on a steady flow of well-timed, accurate and manageable information. We have tools, technology, techniques and a lot of people around us to make this information available to ourselves and others.  But are we using them properly?  Are using the right tools at the right time in the right place?  Are the techniques we employ doing the job?  And are the people around us helping or hindering the process?

Communicating effectively is one the most important keys to our success. This session will allow us to think about some of the key communication tools and techniques available to us to ensure our success.

And more importantly, we find the oil that makes it all work: passion, structure & process, clarity and empathy.

  • Understand what tools and techniques are available to us
  • Learn how to use the right tool in the right place
  • Learn how to establish a sound communications process for all levels

Based on parts of my books

         David Barrett Book Leadership Perspectives

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