Strategic Portfolio Management – An Interview with LeRoy Ward



My longward time friend, project management and portfolio management consultant, LeRoy Ward, shares his governance model for strategic portfolio management.  Leroy has spent the past 15 years specializing in portfolio management and strategic management.  Prior to this phase of his life he spent 23 years with the Learning Solutions division of ESI International.

In 30 minute this interview, he describes the six key components to his portfolio governance model.


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2 thoughts on “Strategic Portfolio Management – An Interview with LeRoy Ward”

  1. Some nuggets i picked up from Mr Ward : having different processes for the portfolio of products vs portfolio related to how you operate, choosing the leadership of the portfolio is crucial, getting executives to talk about the portfolio is okay as a selection process, people make decisions, not models, getting the PMO to support the portfolio process but not necessarily be a voting member and finally, discipline (following what was agreed upon) is KEY. Thanks for the podcast!

  2. Enjoyed the podcast. Agree these are the top 6 questions to ask when establishing and maintaining effective strategic portfolio management. Will takeaway the tip on discipline – establishing rules is one thing … abiding by them is another.

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