If the answer is anything above 8, thank you on behalf of everyone you served.


Less than 8?  IF YOU ARE ABLE, it’s time to step it up and give back a little more.  


Some of you may be saying that I have set the bar a little low on this.   I hear you.   But the truth is, I am not here to judge the amount of effort.  Whether it is 8 hours or 800 hours, at least you made an effort. 


For those on the lower end of the scale, this may be all that you are able to do.  So thank you for the effort.  For those on the higher end, thank you as well and the community you serve is truly lucky to have you.


This all comes to mind as I head home from two days spent with 100+ PMI chapter board members from Region 1 (Western Canada and NW USA).  Last weekend I was with the same group in Norfolk, VA from Region 5 and this weekend it’s Region 2 in Chicago.  Three weekends with 340+ PMI volunteers.  I would guess that they will each spend no less than 200 hours a year in their role and possibly as much as 500 for some of them.  This is humbling. 


My family volunteers. My wife volunteers with the local food bank in Port Credit about once a week.  My daughter Christine spent this past weekend ‘shopping’ with an under privileged high school graduate who could not afford a prom outfit.  Daughter Andrea has volunteered many hours of her time at University helping students adjust to campus life.


To some, volunteering is all about giving back – to the benefit of those being served. To others, it is used for personal benefit- to learn, connect with new people and maybe a lead to employment. It doesn’t matter why you are doing it.  The fact that you are out there, lending your time and expertise, is what does.


Back to the comment above: “IF YOU ARE ABLE, it’s time to step it up and give back a little more.”   Please understand that if you cannot serve, you cannot serve. We all get that.  Some day you will be able to and we hope you will.


But if you can – if you have the time and resources – please step it up.  Join a charitable board, help a not-for-profit, run an event for a church, synagogue, mosque, school or whatever.


We need you.

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