Tools I Use to Stay Organized

Last week I wrote about staying organized, suggesting I relied on three things…

  • Goals
  • Process
  • Tools

I outlined the first two.  Today, I present my favourite tools.

I love technology, but I’m not married to it. If it’s a manual tool that works for me, I will use it. But truthfully, there are some great tech tools that I use and love:

  • Remember The Milk manages my to-do list. After researching many options, I adopted this tool about four years ago and absolutely love it.
  • Outlook calendar running as a front-end to my Google mail it is in front of me at all times.
  • ZOHO – manages my contact list as well as proposals and contracts. If you’re looking for a CRM or contact manager, try this one. It is fabulous.
  • CardScanner is my tool for scanning any business card I collect into the ZOHO, almost letter perfect (I hate typing business cards).
  • Hootsuite is my social media manager. I use it to schedule 3 posts a day for five or six days a week and it is all done in the first one to two hours on Monday.
  • OneNote manages my quick notes on meetings and people as well as any information that I want to have available at all times of the day, like health records, supplier contact list (doctors, dentists, etc.) and even my notes on Bridge!
  • Evernote is my research assistant so that I can click any website I’m staring at and file it into a storage system with two clicks.
  • ScannerPro is my choice for wireless scanning from my phone as I am often asked to email signed contracts back and forth for my speaking engagements.

Other sites I use.

I am often looking for assistance in different areas: technical, publishing, design, admin and more. I have a couple of sites that I rely on in these areas that are amazing.

  • is my go-to site for book covers and website design
  • is my source for independent support. Have a look someday. It is amazing.

It is busy out there. For me it’s the combination of goal setting, processes and good tools that gets me through the week. The good news is that we have lots of options and some of us have more time than others. My system is not cast in stone but it works for me. Maybe you will pick up a couple nuggets here that will help you to stay organized.  


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