Do Black Swans exist?  Yup, in real life and as a metaphor for events that come to us as a complete surprise.  Google the words ‘Black Swan’ and you will read ‘an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalised after the fact with the benefit of hindsight.’

Given the ‘Black Swan’ that has hit us world-wide over these past months, I thought it would be timely if we had a chat with my friend Doug Boebinger.  Doug was a contributor to the original version of “The Keys to Our Success’.  His chapter: “Hope for the Best.  Plan for the Worst”.  This is a great analysis of an often-neglected artifact of all our projects.  And now all our lives.

My ‘ah ah moment’ in this discussion?  Despite their color, Black Swans are not always negative.


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