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Plan Your Strategy in Sprints

Most strategic plans fail because the end goals are too far out in the future. When I wrote the book, ‘The 7 Elements of Strategy Execution’, with my friend, Mona

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It Is Time to Review the Plan

For some, the summer is a great time to relax, rejuvenate and get ready for September. The new season promises new projects, new challenges and new energy. For me, the

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Protect, Survive and Prepare

I launched ProjectTalks Virtual this past week.  I must say, running a conference virtually is not easy.  We certainly ran into our fair share of technical issues – but learned

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Culture Drives Strategy at Medtronic

“Culture drives strategy” says my podcast guest, Michael O’Connor. Michael is the Director of Strategy and Project Management at Medtronic out of the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area.  Metronic is a

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A Good Leader Has Three Plans

(first published in April, 2014 – three months into my blogging journey!) Good leaders don’t need just one plan – they need three! A organizational strategic plan A professional strategic

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Strategic Thinking Starts in The Home

Whenever I present to audiences about strategy or strategic thinking, our minds always go to our organisations, divisions or departments – our corporate lives.   But strategic thinking actually starts

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Who is your CSO?

If you want to get from here to there, successfully, you need a CSO – a Chief Strategy Officer. When my friend, Mona Mitchell, and I wrote the book “7

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Are You Thinking Effectively?

Are you thinking efficiently or effectively?  This is a question I heard posed by my friend, Wissam Al-Hussaini, during his delivery of one of the three modules in a new

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