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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Peter Drucker is famous for his line “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  I have a good friend, business associate and partner in a new book we are writing called “7

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6 Reasons That Strategic Plans Fail

Numerous online sources will use the number 60% these days – the share of strategic plans that never get off the ground and of the other 40%, they suggest, at least half were not implemented successfully.

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You Will Find Your Next CSO in the PMO

Our critical strategic plans need someone in charge, someone ultimately responsible for the ‘project’ and someone who has the experience dealing with this kind of work in the past.

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5 Reasons Strategic Plans Fail

The strategic plan is probably the most important tool that any leader has at their disposal. The strategic plan drives everything within, and a well-run organization should be able to connect everything it does back to that plan.

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Are You Majoring In Minor Things? 

A good post on strategy execution. “Yogi Bera used to say, “We have no idea where we’re going, but we’re making great time.” Source: Are You Majoring In Minor Things?

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