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Connect and Stay Connected

This has been an interesting week for me.  My birthday week – but that has nothing to do with it! Two colleagues connected with me out of the blue this

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Who Are You Going to Call This Week?

Every one of us have people in our lives who will find this next week to be extra difficult. A family member who has just lost a job and will find the financial burden a little trying this week, a fellow employee who is in the middle of cancer treatment, our next-door neighbor who is suffering from a debilitating heart ailment, our new friend across the road who just lost her mother.

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How Do I Connect to the Right People?

The way to find the right people or right person is build a network of friends and professional contacts now – not when it’s too late. Then, when the need arises, we are not starting from scratch. The network is in place. The right people are part of our circle and the rest is easy.

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