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Even Business Analysts Need to Plan

My good friend Jared Gorai @thepassionateba wrote a great chapter for our book The BA Book of Mentors entitled “It’s All About the Plan”   In it, Jared pleads the case for

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BAs Should Look at Design Thinking?

Jay Payette (@PayetteIdeas, jay@payetteconsulting.com) contributed an interesting chapter in the book The BA Book of Mentors entitled “Design Thinking: Taking Business Analysis to the Next Level”.  Jay looks at the foundation of business analysis and

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BAs Need to Understand Business Rules

Gladys Lam (@GladysLam) offers an interesting look at Business Rules – a concept, she claims, that is misunderstood by many.  Her chapter in the book The BA Book of Mentors is entitled

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BAs Need to See the Big Picture

Kathleen Barrett (no relation – and her name is spelled differently) @kathleenbarret –  was the first president of the IIBA, moving on just last year. She contributed a very important

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Achieving Clarity of Thought

John Barris (john.barris@equinox.co.nz) contributes to the book The BA Book of Mentors. He offers sound advice for all BAs: Clarity of thought is a key to ensuring that value is delivered through

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