The Successful Project Manager

9781554891627_front_cvrFrank Saladis is the current President of the NYC PMI Chapter.  Is the founder of the International Project Management Day, a renowned speaker and consultant to all types of PM groups.

His chapter of the book The Keys to Our Success is called ‘Success—A Continuing Journey of Self-Definition, Determination, and Creating Value’. 

This is a great read for project managers of all levels.   Frank comes with vast experience and knowledge that we can all benefit from.

The foundation of his chapter comes to us with the words: “I believe there are two elements of success for project managers:
•• Defining yourself in terms of your interests, your
relationships, and your vision
•• Value-Driven Project Management—Ensuring that
intended benefits are realized and that you have
created value for your clients, your team, and your

Know yourself and know how to provide value to others.  Nice.

The Keys to Our Success is available on in hard copy or e-version.


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