Three Steps to Managing a Crisis Like This One

Bruce Harbinson is a Regional Chair with TEC Canada. TEC offers a peer advisory board for CEO’s and business owners with one-to-one coaching, expert speakers, fast-paced learning and global networking.  Bruce runs two TEC CEO groups and a Key Executive group comprising over 30 different businesses.

Bruce sat down with me to share the thinking amoung his TEC CEO groups.  What I heard can be of value to all leaders. 




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Scalability and Common Sense

Have you ever watched someone use a canon to kill a fly?  Use a software program to solve a problem that really just needed a pen and piece of paper? 

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1 thought on “Three Steps to Managing a Crisis Like This One”

  1. Thank you David for this amazing interview with Bruce on your Leadership Perspectives podcast.
    We’re richer for all of Bruce’s awesome advice. Strengthening client relations as well as strategic thinking with other business owners in my own Industry as we speak. Thanks again for being a Radiant Conduit David!

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