Are you one of the lucky ones who wakes up every morning, or enters an office space, or gets on a transit car to a great big smile?


If you are, then you know how great it feels.  You know how much of a difference it makes to your day’s attitude from the moment it’s received.


If you are not a member of this lucky group, I am sorry. 


smile3I met with a friend this week who complained about someone in his life who never smiled.  It was so hard every morning, he said, to walk into the office with the typical, light “Good morning’ and get nothing, if not a grunt, back.  This daily reaction has affected him so much that he is now trying to figure out how he can avoid it. The back-door entrance may be an option. 


I walked into the gym at some ungodly hour this morning to be welcomed by three staff members at the front desk smiling through a very warm greeting.  What a difference it makes!


It takes so little to look up, smile and say hi or good morning.  Every day, all day?  Maybe not.  Life is not like that.  But for the majority of time? Sure. If you have a reputation for a happy, smiling demeanor, you are allowed days off.  We will see it, understand that something is out of the ordinary and let you alone or maybe offer some assistance.


If your work is making you miserable and you cannot bring yourself to smile a nice greeting when we meet, then leave.   Find your passion, your fun, your happy place.  If there is something out there making you unhappy, then we understand, but we will assume that things will turn around someday and we will see that beautiful smile again.


Your unhappiness screams at everyone around you every day – right from the very first ‘Good morning’ and it has serious effects on all of us.  It is unfair to push this darkness on everyone around you.


Put your happiness to good use every day!


Smile. It helps all of us around you.



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