Establishing Shared Understanding

@pvanabbema tells us, in the Book ‘The BA Book of Mentors’ –, that BAs must be good at ‘Creating Effective One-Page Documents to Establish Shared Understanding’. This, says Patrick van Abbema, is the foundation to great communications within your project.  He shares with us the 7 C’s of Communication: Context, Content, Components, Cuts, Composition, Contrast and Consistency.  The BA Book of Mentors. #BAbookofmentors
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Have you ever watched someone use a canon to kill a fly?  Use a software program to solve a problem that really just needed a pen and piece of paper? 

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I have been watching a friend struggle recently as she tries to manage a team of people who were not engaged.  Read… ‘they really didn’t care’.  The result is demoralizing

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