RIP Bob Prentiss


Bob Prentiss passed away on September 14, 2020.   He was a leader in the BA community, a speaker at many of our conferences, and a recent influencer in the area of  thinking and working differently.  More importantly, he was a true gentleman and a friend to many. 

I interviewed Bob last month for my podcast series. It was a special moment.  He knew what was coming as did I. I just didnt know how fast.  If you have not listened to it, may I suggest you do.

PrentissThis interview was very special.  Bob Prentiss tells us the of his critical life lessons and explains why talking about them now is so important. 




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9 thoughts on “RIP Bob Prentiss”

  1. Hi David,

    Thank you for the news. I really enjoyed Bob’s message and his attitude, especially in light of the seriousness of his condition. Please accept my condolences.


    1. I had the pleasure of being a student in a class at Optum facilitated and taught by Bob, THE Bada$$ BA. I was an older student than most having been in Corporate America longer than many participants in the class and we clicked instantly. I appreciated his passion and his candor and while only having known him professionally and for a short period of time, I know his close friends and family are as heartbroken as I am. Bob will truly be missed. Sing with the angels in heaven my friend! 🎶 🎤 😇

  2. I had the pleasure of enjoying Bob’s wit and wisdom a few months ago. I’m sure he was singing Sammy Davis Jr.’s “My Way” on his final trip.

  3. I can still picture Bob bursting into the room singing Pharrell’s Happy as an opener for one of his presentations at Project /BA World. His energy and spirit will be missed.

  4. Thanks for sharing this podcast David and giving me an insight into Bob’s mind and heart. He must have been a fine man. I enjoyed his insights and perspective into finding the best version of oneself, work, morals, life and learning.

  5. If found out from a school mate this week that Bob had passed away. He and I were good friends during High School. He was quite an extrovert then as well. He took me to my first viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, was in all of the school musical productions and was generally in the middle of whatever was going on. After reading the comments here and listening to the interview with Mr. Barrett, it seems like Bob had arrived at a very good place in his life before his passing and that his understanding for how stirring things up and disrupting the status quo was the kernel for creativity had become keener as he aged.

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