I hate the detail and as a result, I don’t pay attention to it and this gets me into some deep trouble once in awhile.  I have a very difficult time reading long lengthy emails or reports. I skim and typically read only the first couple of sentences at the start of every paragraph. My biggest downfall while managing projects is dealing with the detail.

This is my biggest PMD. What’s yours?

Every great project manager has one or more PMD – even you. If you don’t believe it, you are fooling yourself.

Mine is dealing with detail. Yours could be your presentation skills, your ability to deal with stress, your negotiating skills, your time management skills, or even the opposite of mine: your ability to see the big picture.

Today’s challenge is to recognize your PMD’s and to manage them.

My chapter contribution to the book The Keys To Our Success is entitled “Never Go It Alone”.  Find your gaps and weaknesses or PMD’s and deal with them. Find a coach, a mentor or create an advisory board around yourself, your issues or your project. In today’s day and age, we do not have to solve all problems of the world on our own.  Admit to your PMD’s and create a team around you that can fill those gaps.

It’s time to stand up and deal with your PMDs. Your team is counting on it, your project success counts on it and I promise, your professional future will benefit from it.

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