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Building the PMO the Right Way – an Interview with Amy Burnet

There are so many ways to build a PMO – Project Management Office. Many are the wrong way. In this interview with Amy Burnet, past Sr. Director, Program Management Office at CIBC, we talk about the right way to approach your new PMO.

Strategic Portfolio Management – An Interview with LeRoy Ward

    My long time friend, project management and portfolio management consultant, LeRoy Ward, shares his governance model for strategic portfolio management.  Leroy has spent the past 15 years specializing in portfolio management and strategic management....

What is Good Leadership? An Interview With Catherine Daw

Catherine Daw is a long time friend and colleague who specializes in leadership business transformation, strategy implementation, operational excellence and project execution. We spent a half hour talking about what it takes to be a great leader. What is Leadership?...

The Project Sponsor – an Interview with Linda Vella

I sat down with Linda Vella recently to discuss the role of the Project Sponsor: what is it?  Why do we need one?  What are the major benefits and what are the risks?   Linda is a senior project consultant working with organizations to implement enterprise...

Leadership Lessons Learned from The Samurai- with Harry Mingail

Samurai, (meaning “those who serve”), practiced servant leadership and these principles long before “modern management” proclaimed this approach to be vital to today’s leaders.  Harry Mingail’s recent blog post prompted this interesting discussion.

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