The Power of The Plan
Project Management for Non-Project Managers

We all manage projects regardless of how small they are. Some are extremely important and time sensitive to us personally. Others are just as critical to our organizations, our jobs and our careers.   But we have never thought of ourselves as project managers. And we never will. We have never taken a project management course and we won’t.

This high energy, down-to-earth presentation, based on David’s book by the same name, will make everyone think differently as they begin planning the next party, wedding, house move, product roll-out, office relocation, course development or conference.

If you’re considering having David Barrett speak at your event, book him without hesitation!
It was a complete delight to spend an evening with David presenting the Basics of Project Management to our administrative association.  He is charismatic, enthusiastic and engaging.  Without a doubt David really knows his stuff about Project Management, his association with Schulich School of Business and his other Project Management enterprises (there are many) gives him complete advantage over the field.
He explained the topic with absolute clarity and used real life examples of what to do and what NOT to do when managing any project big or small.  David made it exciting and easy to understand with step by step explanations.  He designed memorable ways for us to relate to the subject for example, his “Kiss of Death” theory regarding the matter of issues that may arise during a project.
What I was especially impressed with was that David took the time to tailor his presentation to our field of work and perspective, the Executive/Administrative Assistant.  Finally, for further support, David offered one his books, the Power of the Plan, as additional resources to anyone interested.  We had a very educational session and I would recommend David Barrett as a presenter for Project Management and anything else he felt he was capable of presenting.  Sit back and enjoy all that David has to say.

Lisa Taddeo, CAP-OM, MOS
Certification and Membership Chair
International Association of Administrative Professionals
Grand River Chapter

From MLSE 

  • Good mix of presentation, discussion and humor.
  • David was an amazing speaker and got everyone involved.
  • Great overview of fundamentals- not too detailed or high level.
  • I thought David was very engaging of the audience and did a very good job moving the
  • group up to create opportunity to interact with new teammates. I enjoyed the flexible
  • approach to all aspects of project management. Very different from the rigid, structured
  • seminars I’ve attended in the past.
  • I Enjoyed how the session was interactive and was not just sitting with a group (i.e. getting
  • up and working with stickers on the wall).
  • Great takeaways and strong action plans that I can implement in my day to day work.
  • The clear communication with the presentation/booklet. I liked the 7 steps for effective
  • meetings.

From Allied Riet – January, 2018

  • David was enthusiastic & very good.
  • Love games (music) and videos. Thank you
  • Great session: very worthwhile!
  • Great presentation skills. Videos were a nice touch. Didn’t feel like I was unsure of time frame. Good general overview.
  • I really enjoyed all the group activities & scenario similar to our everyday life.
  • Give the class to the sales department.
  • Group work was interactive & enjoyable.

Key Deliverables

  • Gain the confidence to take on any small project
  • Understand the basics of scheduling, budgeting and managing people
  • Learn what to ask right at the beginning to avoid common pitfalls

Based on my book

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