I have always thought that this was a ‘no-brainer’. Apparently, I was wrong.  I really thought that this certification opportunity would explode within the ranks of the professional project management community.

It really hasn’t and I have been quite surprised.

So let me put you in the shoes of an HR director or manager looking at a resume or LinkedIn profile. You see the words ‘Professional Project Manager” and even “PMP designation”.  Truthfully, these days, your reaction would be one of “Seen many of those – so tell me what’s different?’

Then your eyes glance a little further down and you see the words professional business analyst.

That’s when there should be no doubt that the tone changes immediately. The challenge for today’s project managers is to be unique and be different and stand out in the crowd. This is exactly what a designation in the requirements side of our project work would do for you.

You see, we read about failed projects day in and day out and one of the most common reasons we see is lousy or missing requirements, lack of customer buy-in and no formal ‘specification details’ at the front end. This is all about business analysis and requirements gathering, analyzing and reporting.  Good requirements lead to good models and good models lead to better understood solutions. It’s a no-brainer.

The stats don’t support this.  As of July, 2017…

PMI Membership – 486,551
PMP – 774,406
CAPM – 33,880
PgMP – 1,967
PMI-RMP – 4,158
PMI-SP – 1,710
PMI-ACP – 16,283
PfMP – 450
PMI-PBA – 1,479

Yup, there are more PMPs in good standing out there than PMP members.   Go figure.

But at a high level, take away the CAPM and you have just 26,047 people thinking they need something more than the PMP.   But to my point, just 1,479 people have sought out this Requirements certification!  Ouch.

So, why should you consider the PMI®-PBA certification?  Because no one else is and ‘lousy or missing requirements’ is still in the top three reasons for failed projects. It’s a no-brainer!

Statistics provided through www.passionatepm.com/

Images provided courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net

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