Project Management for Non-Project Management 


If there are 700,000 members of the PMI® worldwide today, I figure there ae 10 times that many people managing projects who are not member of the association.

But more importantly, I also figure that there are at least another 10 times that number of people that sometimes manage projects but who do not consider themselves professionals or full-time project managers.

Every organization out there has what we call “non-project managers”.  They manage projects of varying sizes and importance but only occasionally. Most likely these people are dealing with projects less than 40% of the time. Thus, they have no interest in formal project management training and are quite content just to “wing it”.

So, what can I do for you?

I teach. Starting in late 2017 I began delivering my one-day workshop “Project Management for Non-Project Managers” through the Schulich Executive Education Center.  This is one day dedicated to managing projects WITHOUT the technical jargon, complicated process and industry standards.  Keep it simple, easy to understand and usable by anyone the next day.   And, most importantly, customizable to any organization’s typical ‘non-projects’.

I speak at conferences to inspire and educate.  I have also published a book with my friend, Doug Land, called “The Power of the Plan – 10 Easy Steps to Managing Everyday Projects” which makes for a great keynote address at any general conference.   

I blog to keep you thinking:

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