When It’s More Than Just Project Management


When I think of “managing the uncertainty” I think of our project management culture and the way we approach our project work.  Our project management culture is made up of people, processes, technology, methodologies and more. It’s how we approach the work at the beginning through to the very end and even beyond. Our project management culture cares about the people and how they work, how they interact with each other and especially how they work with our major stakeholders or clients.

Organizations that recognize that there is a project management culture to deal with can soon find themselves with what I call healthier projects: projects that are delivered well, contribute to the business and most especially in my mind, are enjoyable to work on.

So, what can I do for you?

I can help you develop a project management culture. I enjoy working with clients who can see the benefits of a strong and healthy project execution culture. Through a series of interviews with key players in your project management environment, my goal is to observe the current state, make sure everyone understands what the future state could look like and to help my clients get to that end goal.

I can help develop project management professionalism within your organization.  I am the National Program Director for the Center of Excellence in Project Management at the Schulich Executive Education Center (SEEC).  I direct and manage project management training for current and future professionals in our area. Our bellwether program is called the Masters Certificate in Project Management – a program I founded it in 1997. While we still run it at Schulich in Toronto, we have also partnered with eight other universities across the country to deliver in-depth, detailed and professional training to project managers from coast-to-coast.  This is an 18-day program that builds excellent project managers and prepares them to sit for the PMI®’s certification exam. 

I also build and direct many other PM courses such as our fundamentals program, Agile Certification Preparation and numerous BA courses.

I speak at your conference or event to inspire and educate.  I have numerous titles for any project management audiences including: Taking Our Project Management Careers to the Next Level and The Keys to Our Success based on a book I published with my friend Derek Vigar by the same name.

And I will continue to blog every week to keep you thinking:

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So, if you can see the future with a healthy project management culture but your are not sure how to get there, let’s talk.


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