This is our last installment on delivering healthy projects.  

Healthy projects:

  • contain team members and stakeholders that are happy.
  • have clients that are satisfied.
  • deliver value to the “business”.
  • provide a learning environment for everyone and everything involved, including the project itself

Last week we talked about delivering value to the business.

This week we wrap it up with a reminder that our projects should create an environment that helps our people learn and grow as professionals.

I realize that this is not always possible.   We could find ourselves in the middle of a project crisis – requiring a full force effort, by everyone, to deliver on time, without concern for anything or anyone else, but we hope these are the exception.

Ideally our projects are creating an opportunity for healthy learning by all of us – from the major stakeholders to all of the developers, workers, consultants etc.

As a member of your project team, I hope that I will come away with:

  • new tools
  • new processes that I can use going forward
  • new contacts that I can leverage in the future
  • new knowledge that will stay with me for a long time to come.

In all the projects I work on, I hope:

  • to see coaching and mentoring available for myself and the people around me
  • to see an environment that encourages time away from the project to partake in continuing education
  • to see a culture that believes project management is not just about the project in front of us today but one that recognizes that a strong project culture is also about the projects that we have not started to work on yet.

And the project itself?  I hope to see a structured “lessons learned’ phase at the end that will help everyone in the future when they embark on a similar project. 

There is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn in every project.  We should embrace the learning, encourage it, foster it and bank it for the next day or next project.

Healthy projects provide a learning environment for everyone and everything involved, including the project itself.

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