It Is Time to Review the Plan

For some, the summer is a great time to relax, rejuvenate and get ready for September. The new season promises new projects, new challenges and new energy.

For me, the summer brings the return of an important dimension to my professional life. It is time to review the plan.  Yes, I will try to relax and rejuvenate.  But getting ready for September and the months to come requires a little more in-depth analysis.

Today, I want to challenge you to ask yourselves three simple questions:

This is strategic planning 101.  We do it for our organizations and some of us do it for our personal lives.  We should all be doing it for our careers. Why let others control your destiny?  Build your plan, revisit every year and take control yourself.  Create a simple ‘professional strategic plan’ around your own career.

Today is July 7, 2021 as I write.  Here is your challenge: send me your plan by August 7, 2021.  I will do a quick review and set a follow-up email to you, 6 months later, on your progress.  I dare you. 

Make sure the plan:

  • is short and concise
  • includes three sections:
    • who are you? Strengths, weaknesses, assets, position, and responsibilities today and anything else you can think of that defines YOU today.
    • Where do you want be in a set period – say 1 or 3 years?
    • How are you going to get there?   Give me a list of action items you will want to complete in order to make it happen.  *** include at least 3 items that need to be done in the next SIX months.  

You start a plan and I promise to look at it and email a follow-up in six months to keep you accountable. You wouldn’t dare come up empty handed… would you?

Have a lovely summer.



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1 thought on “It Is Time to Review the Plan”

  1. Morning David,
    I looked up the Schulich Masters Certificate in Project Management to recommend it to a friend and couldn’t find it. It is not longer being offered?

    Thanks and regards,
    Minerva (May 2015 TO campus graduate)

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