Are You An ‘Inspirational’ Leader?

I have been blogging weekly for 4 years now and, as I look at the stats, I see one post – from 2014 – stand above all in total hits – with almost 4000 ‘reads’ since publication.

It was called “Key Leadership Trait #10 – The Ability to Inspire” part of a summer series back then.

Why?  Why is this subject of such great interest to project managers, leaders and aspiring leaders?

When we are weak in an area or lacking in a skill we will probably read anything that comes our way that can help.

So logically, the ability to inspire is not something that comes easily to us – and this is an important trait. I suggest that a project manager who is not great at inspiring others will face some tough times along the way.

Our roles as PMs is to integrate the project pieces – to pull them all together and keep the engine running toward a successful finish.  One of the biggest obstacles is that these pieces often do not work together and typically there is no visible line of authority between the PM and most of these pieces.

So, this ability to inspire is tough.

Susan M. Heathfield wrote an article entitled “Leadership Success Secrets” for where she captures the keys to inspire clearly. “and meaning help make a leader inspirational. The ability to communicate that passion, purpose and meaning to others helps establish the inspirational culture of your organization.”

Passion, purpose, listening and meaning.

Passion – show the team, stakeholders and everyone else that this project is a part of you right now and that you are committed.

Purpose – Purpose drives passion. Believe in what you are doing and why you are doing it and the passion will come.

Listening – to everyone around you to stay on top of issues, trends and progress. Listening allows you to respond in a timely manner and once again – the passion shows through.

Meaning – bringing everyone in on the ’why’.  Creating a project execution culture that includes everyone.

Are you an ‘inspirational’ leader?

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