An Historic Day for Canada

The Toronto Raptors have just won the 2019 NBA Championship and today (June 17, 2019) ‘we’ celebrated.  The ‘we’ is Canada.  They really are Canada’s team.

People flooded into downtown Toronto from all parts of Canada (and a few from the US) to be a part of this historic day.  The victory parade drew an estimated crowd of 1-2 million people along the parade route. The parade was scheduled for one hour and it took four to get to its final destination and celebration ceremony.   It was massive.

So, what does this have to do with project management, project leadership, strategy and strategy execution?  Everything.

  • Masai Ujiri declaration at the start of his tenure as President of the raptors that we will win an NBA championship during his tenure.
  • The effort by so many people inside and outside the team owners, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, over these years to get it done.
  • The leadership of Kyle Lowry during the playoffs
  • The example set by our best players, especially Kawhi Leonard, when It became really difficult to execute.
  • and the support of all the fans across the country during the journey

It was a strategy well defined and well executed.  They had a plan and they made it happen.  It was not easy, and it did not come without a lot of pain and anguish.

This strategy created a series of projects over the years across the entire organization that, to all of us observers, looked like they were flawlessly managed and completed on time, on scope and on budget.  We, the project professionals, doubt that to be the case but on this special day it looks like it and that’s what matters. 

The client and all stakeholders got what they were looking for: a championship, a very profitable season, league-wide respect and more.  

And leaders emerged who may not stick around but we will take pride in knowing that we helped develop them.

Yes, it was a special day today.  Well done Raptors.


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