Last week I introduced the idea of healthy projects.

Healthy projects:

  • contain team members and stakeholders that are happy.
  • have clients that are satisfied.
  • deliver value to the “business”.
  • provide a learning environment for everyone and everything involved, including the project itself

As a team member on a project, I have a set of expectations.  Meet most, if not all, of them and I am a very happy person.  Miss most and I hope not to be working with you again. My key expectations are:

  • Our leader, or project manager, is well organized and has control over all aspects of the project. There are no, or few, surprises and those that do pop up are well managed. All of this making for a strong professional environment.
  • Our leader is engaging and fun – makes for a personally enjoyable environment
  • Our leader is empathetic and understanding making for a safe environment
  • I personally have an opportunity to grow professionally through coaching, mentoring, training and continuous encouragement.

Not a long list – but an important one.

Healthy projects contain happy team members and most of that responsibility lies on the shoulders of the team leader – most often the project manager.   Project managers should be thinking day in and day out about what they can do to make each day a great or good one for their team members.

  • Ask “Can I help?”
  • When the opportunity arises, take an interest in their personal lives.
  • Make sure they are well informed about potential pot holes in the future and help them prepare.
  • Communicate like you would want to be communicated to, if you were the team member
  • Lighten it up a little every once in awhile
  • Watch for opportunities to show some compassion
  • Pay attention and take pride in each team member’s future and the path to get there.

Happy team members make for healthy projects.

Happy Valentines Day.

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