I am a Canadian, I live in Canada and I celebrate Thanksgiving sometime in October, like all Canadians.

But this year, Karen and I decided to spend the month of November in the US, working remotely and playing locally.  Which means that we are here for the US version of Thanksgiving.

For any reader that does not know, this is a big holiday for Americans – bigger than Christmas.

  • Approximately 55 million people will travel this week to celebrate the holiday with friends or family.
  • Friday of this week, AKA Black Friday, is the biggest shopping day of the year. $12 Billion will be spent shopping online
  • Many companies will close on Friday, giving their employees a 5-day break.
  • Football is big on Thanksgiving – 32 million people will sit and watch a game on Thursday
  • And, suggested one source, “For the past four years, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been dubbed Giving Tuesday and is viewed as a global day of charitable giving ahead of the holiday season. In 2015 an impressive $116 million was raised for charities worldwide on Giving Tuesday”.

Happy Thanksgiving America.  We wish you a happy holiday, safe travels and the best of times with your family and friends.

And please take a moment to do what we do in Canada sometime in October.  Give thanks to those around you who have supported you this past year.  Give thanks for the freedom you enjoy and for the beautiful country in which you live.

There is lots to be concerned about and to be angry about these days, but maybe you can avoid the conversation this holiday and just give thanks.


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