2016 – what a year!


new-yearI traveled 50K+ miles, spoke at 30+ events, chipped away at my new book, launched ProjectTalks, launched ProjectSpeakersNetwork, published 52 blog posts, published 6 podcasts, published 20+ video blog posts and enjoyed another great year with the Schulich Executive Education Centre.


It went well.  Did I do everything I wanted?  Nope.  Did I do some stuff that wasn’t in the plan?  Yup. 


It doesn’t always go according to plan.   But I had a plan and that is the best part of the New Year to come.  I have something that I can go back to and use to evaluate my past year and I have a foundation for a new plan for the coming year. 


I probably write excessively in this space about the importance of having a plan but it is that important.  We need to have a plan – a strategic plan: a personal or professional strategic plan that addresses our futures. Where are we today, where do we want to be in a year’s time and most importantly, how are we going to get there?


At this time of the year I really appreciate the value of a good plan for the future and I certainly appreciate the opportunity to re-evaluate and re-plan for the year to come.


If you had a plan, get over the bad news, celebrate the good news and look ahead. Get out the plan, dust it off, rewrite it and get on with it.


If you don’t have a plan, it is time to create one.


Happy New Year.

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