Happy Holidays

That’s what I do - help leaders, of all types, get ‘stuff’ done.
That’s what I do - help leaders, of all types, get ‘stuff’ done.
That’s what I do - help leaders, of all types, get ‘stuff’ done.

This is always a busy time!  Holiday preparations, year end stuff and the usual workplace craziness.

As we wrap up the year, we can give thanks to the work we have, the people we work with and the opportunities that came our way this year.

Karen and I started renovations on our future home north of Toronto in April: renovation plus an addition to give us the space we need for full time habitation.  Our contractor promised Dec 15th and today (Dec 19th) will be his last day!  Not bad. As per my post two weeks ago, we learned some great lessons.  It’s just too bad we don’t have the stomach to do it again and apply those lessons learned.

This was also a year when many of us realized that our career strategic plan needed a revisit, refocus and maybe even a restart.

My professional life was no exception. This was year 4 for my professional speaking career, year 22 for my life with the Schulich Executive Education Centre and year 3 for ProjectTalks and ProjectSeakersNetwork.  This was the year I decided to start teaching a one day course called “Project Management for Non-Project Managers” and I added 3 new keynote speeches to my repertoire – all on strategy execution.

My hope is that 2018 is an exciting year for you. Mine definitely will be.  Karen and I will move, my part of Schulich will announce some great new products for PMs and BAs, my new book “7 Elements of Strategy Execution” will be released and I will be offering more on the training side.

If we have connected for the first time this year through my blog, podcasts, Youtube channel, courses, speaking engagements or consulting gigs, welcome to my world.  I hope that I can help you in some way to be a better professional and lead you to continued to success in your projects, strategies or leadership work.  That’s what I do – help leaders, of all types, get ‘stuff’ done.

If you want to connect and talk about how I can help your organization – let’s plan to chat in 2018.

In the meantime, to all my friends, family members, colleagues and subscribers, I want to extend my best wishes for a safe and happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.




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