Get Out of the Weeds

One of the most difficult things we have to do as leaders, is to get out of the weeds. We’ve grown up in the subject matter space where we have typically excelled, and it is hard to leave.

But we have to leave. We have to hand over the reins to others so that they can learn and be as good, if not better, than we are. And more importantly, we have to hand over the reins so that we, as leaders, will have the time to do what leaders do: think strategically and keep our eye on the big picture. As long as we are in the weeds, this is not possible.

The key word here is, of course, delegation. I was addressing two groups over this weekend when I heard myself lamenting the difficult times many of us have with delegation. We’re too busy to train others and more embarrassingly, we often feel that others can’t do it as well as us.  We as leaders and future leaders, need to get over this.

Delegation is one of the key elements to successful leadership. I heard someone say recently that great leaders build great leaders. They take pride in developing future talent that will run their organization in the future. 

The weeds is where real work gets done and our leaders don’t belong there. I want my leader to be out in front, looking at the future, considering the changes coming to our industry and how we will survive and thrive going forward. None of this is possible if she or he is messing about in the weeds.

If you are a future leader, start today to learn how to delegate and get out of the weeds.

If you are a current leader, stay out, please.


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