Moving On Up – From a Good Manager to A Great Leader

Many of us want to take on a senior leadership position within our organizations. Our employers want us to take on senior leadership positions.  This is a win-win for everyone.

This presentation is designed to inspire us to reach to the next level and most importantly to be able to plot our paths to those positions.   What does a great leader look like?  What qualities do we already have that are similar?  Where are the gaps and how do we fill them?

As we investigate the qualities of a great leader, we will look at communication skills, leadership styles, thinking strategically like a leader and even looking like a leader.

For a general audience of any kind this is a great look at the qualities and great leaders and how we can obtain them.

A note to project management communities (PMI Chapters, project teams). As my background has been project management for over 18 years I am pretty passionate about inspiring good project managers to become great leaders. In your space I would use the optional title:

From a Good Project Manager to a Great Leader

Based on parts of my book

David Barrett Book Leadership Perspectives

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