Updated from an article originally posted December, 2013.


What do executives or project sponsors really want from us? There are two answers to this question. First of all the obvious: they want us to delivery what we promised, when we promised it and in a form close to what we promised. Secondly, the not so obvious: they want to be told what they need to know, when they need to know it and in a format they need it in. The first requirement is not worth discussing – this is project management 101. But the second is certainly worth a drill down.



As a project sponsor or executive, I have a level of expectations that I have established, or that has been established for me, for any project. My needs are quite simple: deliver. And if you can’t deliver exactly as promised, then tell me. Believe me (I am still the sponsor), I don’t expect all projects to run smoothly. I expect change, I expect crisis, I expect mistakes. So please don’t hide these. We all share a common client so let’s work together. Give me the bad news – EARLY. Give it to me in a format I can understand and digest simply and quickly and give me only the level of detail I really require.


I like to boil this whole issue down to what I call the Friday Report. This is a one-page report with a list of all the projects important to the reader with only one line of information per project. It tells me the absolute critical information:


– project name
– client or sponsor name
– total budget
– promised completion date
– where are we now – either in terms of percent complete or percent of budget spent or variance on the plan
– and who do I call on Monday if I am concerned


Typically, the report would only list the projects that the reader needs to know through some set criteria.


Let’s remember what a project manager’s job is all about – deliver on the promises AND keep everyone informed. As far as I am concerned, if a project manager or a project environment within an organization can’t produce this Friday report, there is a problem.
This report may seem like a dream to many, but this is no reason to ignore it. We should all be working on improving our systems, processes and procedures in order to be able to produce the Friday Report.


The ideal environment required to produce such a report: enterprise-wide project management software, project data roll-up into a repository, project time capture sheets on all resources’ computers and automated project updates from time sheets.
Most of us will admit that almost nothing can get automated unless it exists already. You need:


– consistent project management processes
– a common project language
– well-trained project managers
– resources that understand the project culture
– standard planning tools
– a commitment to controlling and updating the plans and
– senior management and executives that have bought into the whole thing


The Friday Report: a lofty goal for most but well worth working towards.

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