Now is the Time to Find Your Coach

Well, actually it was time to find your coach a long time ago. But that’s alright.  There’s still time.

They figured out many moons ago that professional athletes needed coaches. Why wouldn’t the same be true for all of us in the business world?  It is the same thing – but not all of us have figured it out.

To be clear, I am not necessarily talking about a ‘professional’ coach. I am talking about someone in your life who you can turn to for advice on a regular basis. Someone who can guide your growth and help you through the difficult times, like many of us are going through right now.

I have launched many events and small businesses in my time. With the exception of one big failure, I am proud to say that I heeded this advice and turned to people in my life who I knew would provide  feedback to me, honestly and candidly, about the idea. For all the crazy things i did launch, there were many I didn’t, because of this advice. Sometimes they were called ‘advisory boards’ and sometimes it was just a few friends or colleagues sitting down with me to hash out the idea. 

I published a book with my friend, Derek Vigar, back in 2013 called The Keys to Our Success.  It was a compilation of 25 chapters from 25 different project managers.  Each chapter answered the question “What is the key nugget you take into every project that makes you successful?”.  My chapter was called ’Never Go in Alone’.  It suggested that we find a coach or find a mentor – find someone in our lives who we can turn to for help and advise.  We do not have to run these projects, or deal with this pandemic, or stick handle through these HR issues, alone.  There are people out there who would be thrilled, and even honoured, to help us out.  We just have to ask.

Today, as the world works its way out of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us could use some advice or help or guidance or just a sounding board.  Yes, we should have had this network established long ago. But it is never too late.

Reach out to a friend or colleague today. Set up your advisory network or establish that ‘coach’ relationship now – even if you don’t need them.  Now is the time to start the conversation.



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