Enough already!  We are calling too many meetings, with attendees that do not have be there, without attendees that should be there, that start late, end late and end no where.

Phew… I had to get that of my chest.

Welcome back to the last of my summer blog series based on Brad Egeland’s (www.BradEgeland.com) article that appeared in www.ProjectTimes.com early July entitled ‘11 Reasons Why My Project Manager Is Better Than Yours’.   

Last week’s post was titled “The Customer if Not Always the Expert”.

This week we go back to meetings.  This is a place I have visited in my weekly blogs many times so we don’t have to belabour the point (Canadian spelling!).

Brad writes “Fewer productive meetings are far better than more unproductive and inefficient meetings. Start with a good agenda, start and end the meeting on time, and always follow-up with notes after the fact to ensure a common understanding of attendees as to what happened and decisions that occurred in the meeting. Without the common understanding, it would be almost better if the meeting had never occurred.”

Well said.

Readers, please think about the upcoming season of meetings and ask yourself…

  • Do you really need to bring all those people into a room for that purpose? Could it have been done via conference call or online collaboration?

  • Did all those attendees really need to be present?

  • Are you missing any key people – who’s presence would make decision making easier whose lack of presence will make the meeting a complete waste of time?

  • Are you ready and able to start and end ON TIME?

  • Are you prepared to produce a strong agenda and timely minutes?

  • Are you setting clear objectives for each and every meeting you run?

  • Are you prepared to keep control of the meeting and meet the objectives clearly?

Answer most of these questions the right way and you get the award for “Best Meeting Manager” of the day.   If not, you have some work to do.

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