“This weekend I attended the wedding of my best friend’s daughter. Now it is Sunday afternoon and I am in the air flying off to the next gig and thinking about the evening.  For so many reasons, it was a great success.

Aren’t weddings (and any event for that matter) more enjoyable and certainly more memorable when there is a message?  A message that you are still thinking about 24 hours later on a plane?

I am not sure if the wedding party sat down to create a message and agreed to support it throughout the proceedings, but I highly doubt it.

‘Family Trumps All’ rang loud and clear throughout the night.  Every speech seemed to play the family card. Many weddings do, but this one seemed different.  The family bond within each of the bridal parties was held up as the cement that not only kept them together but that held them together.

It kept them together, we all heard, because their family was a fun place to be.  They not only loved each other but they enjoyed each other.  They continuously referred to the laughter, the music and the adventures.

It held them together, we all heard, because life is not easy.  Their family was a safe place to be. A support system, and refuge during those times, long and short, when life sucks.

Family Trumps All.

On these days leading into Thanksgiving for our American friends and families, I wish you and yours my best wishes for a wonderful, family-filled celebration.

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