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Working with a Disengaged Team

I have been watching a friend struggle recently as she tries to manage a team of people who were not engaged.  Read… ‘they really didn’t care’.  The result is demoralizing

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Passion Sells

I was working with my professional coach a few years ago during a time when things were going a little crazy in my life: I had way too many things

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4 Steps to Becoming More Resilient

(first published Aug 12, 2015) I recently heard a popular leader referred to as ‘tough as nails’.  She is famous for being in difficult situations and finding a way out

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Be a Better Listener

Good listening skills are imperative in any business (or personal) environment.  Poor listening skills gives off a terrible message to the receiver and puts everyone at risk.

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What About All The Other Projects?

(originally published March, 2018) I ran into a colleague recently who talked about a disastrous office relocation. It seems that everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Knowing my

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Strategize with an Agile Mindset

This week’s post is an interview with Dan Watt, Sr. Director, Large Program Enablement at RBC. Dan is a real visionary and has always had a very unique perspective on

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