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Do You Have a Plan B?

If I suggested to you that your current plan was going to fail somewhere down the road, would you be ready? The optimist would say ‘I don’t need a Plan

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Strategic Thinking Starts in The Home

Whenever I present to audiences about strategy or strategic thinking, our minds always go to our organisations, divisions or departments – our corporate lives.   But strategic thinking actually starts

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Who is your CSO?

If you want to get from here to there, successfully, you need a CSO – a Chief Strategy Officer. When my friend, Mona Mitchell, and I wrote the book “7

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Are You Thinking Effectively?

Are you thinking efficiently or effectively?  This is a question I heard posed by my friend, Wissam Al-Hussaini, during his delivery of one of the three modules in a new

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Agile Strategy Execution

I was working with an organization last week who has a great mantra or mission statement: “Small enough to be agile, large enough to be global”.   I loved it. I

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