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Plan Your Strategy in Sprints

Most strategic plans fail because the end goals are too far out in the future. When I wrote the book, ‘The 7 Elements of Strategy Execution’, with my friend, Mona

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Be the Best Version of Yourself

This interview was very special.  Bob Prentiss tells us the of his critical life lessons and explains why talking about them now is so important.     

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Protect, Survive and Prepare

I launched ProjectTalks Virtual this past week.  I must say, running a conference virtually is not easy.  We certainly ran into our fair share of technical issues – but learned

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Culture Drives Strategy at Medtronic

“Culture drives strategy” says my podcast guest, Michael O’Connor. Michael is the Director of Strategy and Project Management at Medtronic out of the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area.  Metronic is a

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Drastic Times Call for Kinder Measures

“Two things stand like stone. Kindness in another’s trouble, Courage in your own.” Adam Lindsay Gordon These beautiful words are inscribed over the fireplace in the building my Great Grandfather

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