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Tips for Great Virtual Presentations

Who would have thought that presenting virtually would become the new normal?  Now that the pandemic has moved into a new phase, the requirement/opportunity to present virtually remains.  Organizations now

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How Do You Promote Your Brand?

Not all of us are interested in promoting our ‘brand’.   We might be quite content on where we are, in our career or lives, and have no interest in growing

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Persistence – The Key to Success

I have a friend who has been very successful in her life.  When I asked about her perceived secret to success, I heard “education, experience, connections and the right place

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Are You a Consensus Builder?

I read an article recently that started with “Consensus building is a big part of leadership”.   I agree.   It is also a great label to have within our ‘brand’.  Leadership

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Do you Know Your Limitations?

A few years ago, I was attending the retirement party for Dave Toycen, CEO, World Vision Canada. As expected, he delivered an amazing speech at the end of the event

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