I continue to review my friend Roy Osing’s article from The Globe and Mail on June 3, 2016 entitled “10 Things Smart Business People Do”.


solutionsSmart business people, or leaders, don’t look for perfection, suggests Roy. “The quest for the perfect solution (which doesn’t exist in any event) only takes valuable time away from execution. They understand that success is a function of doing lots of imperfect stuff fast.”


Leaders come from all types of personalities. Some are like sharks with quick minds, aggressive actions and thick skin. Others are like sea urchins: analytical, thoughtful and very careful about every move.


The smart ones are a little of both, if that’s possible. If not, they find the other personality to complement them.


One of the keys to strong leadership, and business, suggests Roy, is to avoid the analysis paralysis syndrome that can sometimes hold back the sea urchin. One company coined the iconic phrase, “Just Do It”. In business, we use it, or think it, for purposes other than to enhance our fitness levels.  Get on with it.  Enough analysis – just do it.


The sea urchins are not comfortable with this.  They don’t like the inherent risk in a decision that has not been fully fleshed out, analysed and evaluated.


The sharks have no problem with this. Make the decision based on the analysis to-date.  Take the risks.  Move fast. If it does not work out perfectly – so what?  Remember, they are the ones with the think skin.


As leaders, or smart business people, we need to take risks, be creative and understand that innovation, growth and success comes from “doing lots of imperfect stuff fast” and building on both the successes and failures.


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