Author: David Barrett


Do you Know Your Limitations?

A few years ago, I was attending the retirement party for Dave Toycen, CEO, World Vision Canada. As expected, he delivered an amazing speech at the end of the event

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4 Steps to Becoming More Resilient

(first published Aug 12, 2015) I recently heard a popular leader referred to as ‘tough as nails’.  She is famous for being in difficult situations and finding a way out

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What Is a Project Execution Culture?

(First published January, 2021) Over the many years of my involvement in project management, I eventually learned that project success comes from more than just good people, processes and tools. 

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A Good Leader Has Three Plans

Good leaders don’t need just one plan – they need three! An organizational strategic plan A professional strategic plan A personal strategic plan The organizational strategic plan is the core

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Delegation is a 3-Way Street

I do a lot of speaking and training with managers who are looking forward to positions of leadership in the future.  As we work through the obstacles we face in

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Get Your Audience to Pay Attention

If you’ve presented enough times, like I have, you will know that sinking feeling as you look out and realize that you’ve lost their attention. Keeping the attention of your

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Are Your Projects “Healthy”?

I was reminded recently that it is time for my annual physical. At my age, this is a pretty important time of the year and sometimes a little stressful.  None

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