Are You an Explorer?

This world needs explorers who are willing to take risks and create new ‘stuff’.  Explorers who are willing to fail.  Are you one of them? 

We need people to stretch the boundaries every once in a while; to think outside the box and to be an ‘explorer’.

If you know me, you will know that I fit this profile.  It has not been a ‘cake-walk’ but it certainly has been an adventure.

The key to being an explorer?

  1. We don’t look back.  We take an idea, build, test and launch.  If it doesn’t work, we adjust and move on.  Or bail out.  
  2. We are not afraid to fail.  We have done the risk analysis. We have answered the question: “What is the worst that can happen, and can we manage that very likely scenario?”.   

  3. We will not intentionally put ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues nor our friends at risk in any way, shape or form.  If there is any risk, we will do our very best to make sure everyone who can possibly be affected are aware of those risks.

  4. We are extremely passionate about what we are trying to do.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  Good in that we won’t give up voluntarily.  Bad in that sometimes it is hard to knock common sense into us.  

Not all explorers play by the rules.  On behalf of all of the rest of us, I am sorry about them. They will ruin it for some of us when we hear the words ‘I don’t want to get burned again’.  No one should get burned – unless they were fully aware of the risks and boarded anyway.   Everyone‘s eyes should be wide open.

So are you an explorer?  If not, are you interested in becoming one of us?  Start small, research, plan, assess the risks, build, test, deliver, evaluate, adjust, evaluate again, and most importantly, be honest with yourself and others around you. If it was a one-shot deal – should you really try it again?  If it is a longer journey to completion and implementation, is it worth continuing?

Explorers are willing to take risks and willing to fail.  This makes the wins that much more enjoyable.


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