An Interview with Me – David Barrett


My friend Tony Higgins, at BluePrint Software, interviewed me awhile back and was able to cover a lot of ground.  During a very busy few weeks for me, I thought I would take this opportunity to present this interview.


Click here to download or listen to the interview 


Tony asked me about:


1. My keynote speech called Connect- The Art and Science of Managing Relationships. can we really apply a science to our relationships?


2. Leadership Training – when does it begin?


3. My advice to young people just getting into the project management business.


4. My thoughts on the new PMI BA certification.


5. My new BA book called the Business Analyst’s Book of Mentors


6. My upcoming book about Strategy Execution


7. My advice on the keys to successful large enterprise projects


and finally he asked me about my opinion on IT trends.



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