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Taking Our Project Management Careers to the Next Level – 5 Ideas to Help You Get Ahead 
August 22, 2018 –  7-7:30pm EST
The project management field out there is pretty crowded out there. Its no longer enough to be just really good at what you do.  You have to be more.  It’s no longer build it on time, on scope and budget.   You have to add value over and above the normal requirements of project managers. So how do we add value?  How do we stand out in the crowd?  How do we get recognized in this very crowded field?  This 30-minute webinar will show you 5 ideas to help you get ahead.

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5 Easy Steps to Managing Projects When You Aren’t a Project Manager
July 24, 2018
It’s about empowering the non-project manager in you to be better at those ‘sometimes’ projects.  To be better at getting your ‘stuff’ done while remaining under control and under less stress. This 30-minute webinar will show you the five steps I use to manage my own projects.

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July 11, 2018

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June 13,2018

From a Good Project Manager to a Great Leader
May 31, 2018

5 Easy Steps to Managing Projects When You Aren’t a Project Manager
May 14, 2018



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