All for One and One for All – Building a Project Execution Culture

Project management is often promoted as the solution to every organization’s pains. But is it? We’ve tried hiring the best project managers. We have adapted a great methodology. We have even created a new PMO. We still don’t seem to get it.

What’s missing? The word is culture. Not the BIG corporate culture but a sub culture within called Project Execution Culture.

This session is more of a facilitated discussion around the idea of building a culture around your project management people, practices, methodology, software and more.

Do it right and you will see more than just project management benefits within your organization.

Key Deliverables

  • Understand the key foundation blocks to strategic planning
  • Learn why strategic plans do and don’t work
  • Understand how to create a strategy execution culture that can give you plans a better chance of survival

Based on parts of four of my books

 David Barrett Book The Keys to Our Success David Barrett Book Leadership Perspectives

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