David Barrett

Strategy Execution Leadership * Project Leadership

David is a professional speaker specializing in the art and science of getting work done: project leadership, personal leadership and strategy execution leadership. His titles include:

  • Building a Project Execution Culture – The Key to Strategy Success
  • From Strategy to Execution – Closing the Gap
  • The Keys to Our Success – Lessons Learned From 25 of Our Best Project Managers
  • From a Good Manager to a Great Leader?
  • What’s in Your Communications Engine?
  • Relationship Portfolio Management
  • Connect: Growing and Managing Your Professional and Personal Networks
  • The Power of the Plan – Project Management for Non-Project Managers

He has published 4 books:

‘Leadership Perspectives, ‘The Power of the Plan, The Keys to Our Success and The Business Analyst Book of Mentors. He is currently working on his next book : ‘From Strategy to Execution – Bridging the Gap’

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Bus. (905) – 271-4483 Cell. (416) – 573-0286



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